About Us

Company History

Travis Brown, President & Founder, started his career as an Independent Insurance Adjuster (IA) in 2004. After handling insurance claims as as result of Hurricane Charley in Orlando, he discovered his passion for helping victims with property damage and loss in their most critical time of need.

In 2008, after joining the team with Pilot Catastrophe Services, Texas was devastated by Hurricane Ike, one of the largest hurricanes to make landfall at that time. For the next few years, Travis worked several more hurricanes and tropical depressions, in addition to standard property damage claims due to wind, hail, theft, vandalism, water damage, winter storms and more.

After working as an IA for over a decade, it became apparent how poorly the insurance companies took care of their policyholders – sometimes completely disregarding the reports and photographs provided proving damages from a covered peril per their ensuring agreement.

A new trend also emerged, where insurance companies began hiring “engineers” to inspect the policyholders’ property. It was found that approximately 8 out of 10 engineer reports were written in favor of the insurance company, issuing denial of the policyholder’s loss, with specific language to eleviate any responsibility of the engineer.

Overwhelmed by an ethical responsibility to protect the policyholders that relied on the insurance companies, Brown started his own public adjusting firm in 2014. Homeland Public Adjusting emerged to serve as an advocate on behalf of policyholders – to protect their rights and hold the insurance companies accountable per the policy and per local and state statues governing the handling of insurance claims.


  • To protect your interests: ensuring that the policyholder is treated fairly and accurately per the ensuring agreement.
  • To serve as the experts of insurance policies: representing the policyholder by knowing exactly what the policy says and exactly how it is to be interpreted.
  • To provide thorough and quality service: meticulously inspecting and documenting the loss to support the claim and handle every aspect involved in the process.
  • To keep our clients informed: communicating through every step of the process to keep them informed and aware of what they can expect to happen next.
  • To settle for nothing less than 100%: diligently and tirelessly fight to ensure our clients receive the full settlement of which they are entitled.


No longer will an insurance company be able to take advantage of a policy holder whether by coverage decision or the settlement amount paid on the claim.

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